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  • Coverage Questions
  • Negotiations with Insurance Companies
  • Declaratory Relief Actions
  • Bad Faith
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Insurance Law is a very complex area of the law. It involves everything from determining whether or not there is insurance coverage, to providing a defense for insureds, or handling so-called “bad faith” actions against an insurer for wrongfully failing to provide a defense and/or indemnity. For 25 years the firm was a major insurance defense firm in the area and handled all aspects of such a practice. We understand insurance companies; we understand what makes them tick. In O’Brien, Watters & Davis Law Firm’s many years as an insurance defense firm, including during the peak years of “bad-faith” litigation (1979-1989, from Royal Globe to Moradi-Shalal), no insurance carrier whose insureds we defended as panel defense counsel was ever sued for bad-faith. Our Sonoma County law firm handles declaratory relief actions concerning coverage issues. Santa Rosa attorneys in the firm with extensive insurance law experience include Michael G. Watters, Deirdre Taber Kingsbury, Diane A. Singleton and Noreen M. Evans.  Attorney George Keller is head of O’Brien, Watters & Davis’ Insurance Law practice group.