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  • Senior Trial Lawyer with 40+ Years of Trial Experience
  • Trial Lawyers with Actual Trial Experience
  • Jury Trials
  • Court Trials
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O’Brien, Watters & Davis law firm has a team of highly experienced and capable civil trial lawyers, with the most senior trial lawyer having more than 40 years of trial experience. The Sonoma County law firm has been blessed and privileged to have handled some of the biggest and best cases in the North Bay and elsewhere. Michael G. Watters, for example, has been in trial for approximately 250 days between 2009 – 2015.

The firm handles civil litigation of all kinds, the more complex, the better. With exception of patent litigation or worker’s compensation, virtually every kind of civil litigation has been successfully handled by trial lawyers in the firm. The Santa Rosa law firm has a long and extensive track record of success in the representation of its clients in jury trials, court trials and arbitrations. No big city law firm, with the exception of an indemnity claim, has ever beaten our firm.

The firm also handles Appeals and Writs.

Litigation is very difficult and expensive.  One of the fundamental questions to ask is:  Whether your litigator has any significant amount of trial experience?  Another question to ask:  What is his or her success rate at trial?  Be sure to ask us these questions.